As a solopreneur, you do it all. So managing your time wisely is critical to your success. Some of the most powerful time management tools can now be found in apps, making work, and you, more productive.

Watch this video to learn more about being a productive solopreneur:

Some apps can learn your daily schedule, suggesting ways to create new habits and complete tasks more efficiently. Others can help you organize event planning, integrating calendars into your daily workflow.

With new email apps, managing your communication and content is a breeze. Just swipe to archive, delete, even mark emails into specific categories or return to your inbox to review at a later time.

Notetaking and documentation has also fully changed. There are apps that allow you to organize your notes, documents and media and sort them so they’re easily accessible within the cloud. There, you’ll be able to sync all of your content between devices, like a digital notebook.

With SCORE’s support, you can learn about a variety of apps to better manage your time. SCORE volunteer mentors stand ready to help you, the solopreneur, on your journey to small business success.

Solopreneur Series: Becoming More Productive