Ron had been the manager of the company when the prior owner announced he was going to shut the business down and gave Ron the opportunity to buy it.  Ron initially went to talk with the folks at the Small Business Development Center also located at St Vincent.  They met with Ron and Kathy but were reluctant to pursue the purchase with such a short deadline given by the seller, so they went out on their own and purchased the business. 

My successes. 

Ron’s background was in installing and maintaining computer systems and Kathy’s was in training individuals in using software systems.  They made a great team.


How SCORE helped. 

Ron and Kathy’s problem was that their debt load was mostly current carrying high interest rates.  With Sam and Tom’s help they were able to restructure their debt load spreading it over 5 years with a new bank at much more favorable interest rates

What's great about my mentor? 

They supported us at every turn and kept us on target.  We attended many of their workshops and met a number of times with our counselors, Sam Dickson and Tom Marx both face to face and on the phone.  They are a tremendous resource that we would have never been able to afford on the open market

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