Faerie first came to SCORE Westmoreland in 2012. She was a professional balloon twister, face painter, and balloon decorator.  After a few years of entertaining and performing, she decided she wanted to start her own company.  SCORE was there to help. 

Faerie knew balloons and entertaining but she did not know the legal aspect of starting a business. Her SCORE Westmoreland  mentors helped her take each step in the process.   They assisted her create her company name, legalize the use of it,  obtain trhe proper documentaion necessary to open a business checking account, and also helped her file for her EIN number.

After five years of running her business, Fairy Grace Entertainment, LLC, Faerie decided to dissolve her company to start a more compatible company as she started a family. And in 2017 Faerie went back to SCORE Westmoreland to review her new business concept: Motivational Speaking using the art of Balloon Twisting!

(LEGACY -- DO NOT USE) My Challenges 

To move my business to a new level combining my skills as both an entertainer and motivational speaker and establish a profitable business.

How SCORE helped. 

Marie Zanotti and Diana  Kreiling, SCORE WESTMORELAND mentors,  encouraged Faerie to create a business plan. Additionally, her mentors  assisted Faerie in identifying  local markets for her services.

What's great about my mentor? 

My mentors,  Marie Zanotti and Diana Kreiling were always there to assist me. The whole SCORE WESTMORELAND team was instrumental in helping me  sort my ideas out, recommending  companies to approach and  allowing me to practice new messages. 

I highly recommended SCORE six years ago when I first went to them, and now six years later, I recommend them even more.  You may know your craft very well but lack in some business aspects, that’s where SCORE comes in to save the day! Helping you connect the dots.