Christophe Fichet and Nicolas Grunewald came to Score in November 2015 with a business idea. Both were chefs trained in France with experience in Michelin starred restaurants all over the world. They had emigrated  10 years ago , obtained their citizenships and brought their skills to kitchens in the U S.  Their dream was to raise their families in the area and start their own business.  The gourmet food take out business is a business model more familiar in Europe and they thought it might work here.       

My Successes: 

French Express opened in December of 2016 and immediately attracted curious customers eager to try exotic French pastries , croque monsieur sandwiches, croissants, ratatouille , and beef bourguignon. The chefs gourmet food take out concept became ,within days , a success.  Local news paper articles have praised  the new food store and the French Express Facebook page overflows with rave reviews of great food at modest prices. 

How SCORE Helped: 

Christophe and Nicolas were world class chefs but with  no business experience needed help in creating their own business. The Score team of Bob Tupper ( Marketing), Tom Marx (Banking) ,Fred Bononi (Accounting) and Jerry Stalnaker (Marketing and Management) provided the guidance they needed to make their dream come true.


What's Great About My Mentor?: 

The lead Score mentor,  Jerry Stalnaker, assembled a team to guide the chefs  through writing a business plan,  incorporating,  picking a business location and approaching banks for  a start up loan. The project came together and French Express opened in December of 2016.

French Express