Bill and Kathy Young  started their bakery in 1981 and 30 years later were concerned the business , although successful, had become stagnant and wasn’t growing. They approached  Score for advice to improve and reinvigorate the bakery.

My successes. 

The bakery’s customers closely followed the bakery’s remodeling and responded positively to the new look and to new products.  The Bakery revenues reflected this approval and grew at a 20% per year rate and today have  more than doubled fulfilling one of their goals. Their Facebook page is full of enthusiastic postings and reviews. And recently Grandmas Country Oven Bake Shop was awarded the Tribune Review Readers Choice Award for best bakery in Westmoreland County. This honor, reflecting their customers opinions, has convinced the family that all of their efforts were successful.

How SCORE helped. 

The Score mentors  acted as brain storming guides as the process started.  The Young family , based  on recommendations from the mentors, recreated their bakery using their own ideas and as they did , the role of the Score mentors changed to cheerleaders.  As changes to the business facilities were completed they began to consider new products and seasonal specialties.  Five years later, Score mentors continue to meet with the family to discuss progress and new ideas.

What's great about my mentor? 

Score mentors, Jerry Stalnaker and Dan Yates began to meet with the Young family at the Score offices and the Bakery location and developed a list of recommendations concerning the store, the bakery product displays, website design, increased use of social media, advertising ideas and a new point of sale system. This led to a business makeover that changed the way they did business without affecting their fundamental advantage of high quality baked goods made from scratch . Changes began to be made immediately .

Grandma's Country Oven Bake Shoppe